Best Florida Hospitals by Region

I like Florida. My first real experience with the state was back in 1996. I was a young Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps and had just gotten assigned to MATCU school in Millington, TN. After only 3 months, the school was relocated to Naval Air Station Pensacola and I boarded a bus to make the transfer. Once there, I realized that I was about to have a wonderful time… I was 19 years old and living on the Gulf Coast.

I stayed in Pensacola for eight months before graduating and moving to my permanent duty station. But I never lost the love for Florida – and particularly the Gulf Coast. For my snowbird destination, Florida will definitely be high on the list. Knowing that, I wanted to focus a little bit on Florida’s health care options.

Florida has over 260 hospitals, and ten of them are ranked nationally (according to U.S. News). In addition to those ten, 20 others have met standards which indicate they are strong performers within the state. Here I’ll break down the best hospitals in Florida by region, so you’ll be able to judge what options are available in your retirement location.

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Best Regional Medical Care for Snowbirds

When I think about choosing a retirement destination, one of the factors I consider important is access to quality medial care for snowbirds. I’ve typically been a pretty healthy person, and rarely need to go to the doctor other than for my annual checkup. My wife and kids have also been healthy, luckily.

But who’s to say that won’t change as I age? Although I don’t need it right now, I want the security of knowing that I’ll be able to meet with doctors who not only care about their patients, but also have the training, experience, and support to address any health issues I may have.

There are a few organization that I trust for ranking products and organizations, including Consumer Reports and U.S. News & World Report. I appreciate that they provide details behind their ranking methodology, so I can verify if their judgements align with my values. I have repeatedly used CR & U.S. News for my consumer purchases, and also trust their recommendations and rankings for help choosing my MBA program. For this post, I’ll be pulling information from U.S. News.

Throughout the U.S. there are 17 medical centers that have been classified as deserving special mention for their high degree of skill across multiple health fields and disciplines. With a few exceptions, most of these ‘winners’ are located in the Northeast. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to utilize any of these institutions if I’m living in the South. In case you’re curious, here are the honor role medical centers:

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