Hi!  I’m Eric, and I want to be a snowbird.  After living most of my life in Michigan, I finally got tired of the cold & snowy winters and decided to move south.  So one short job search later (luckily!), I packed up the family and we moved to Southwest Florida.

The winters here are fabulous; it seems like every day is mid 70’s with the bluest skies you’ve ever seen.  The summers, however, are hot and humid… think mid 90’s with 90% humidity.

After spending a few years here, it’s easy to see why snowbirds follow their seasonal migration path.  Northern summers and Southern winters offer the perfect year-round temperature, and you get the opportunity to miss both hurricanes and blizzards.  Count me in!

I am 41 years old and have been married for 18 years to my high school sweetheart.  We have two wonderful boys together, and our world revolves around their personal growth and happiness as we try to teach them to become respectful young men.

I spent five years in the Marine Corps and was lucky enough to spend a few of those years in Asia.  After my service, I went to college and received a bachelor in management followed by an MBA in finance.  I am now using that experience and education in my role as a finance director for a company here in SW Florida.

I’m hoping to use this site to help me learn more about the options I’ll have once my boys are off to college and I retire for good.


About me in 80 words:

From flying naval aircrew missions in Southeast Asia, to graduate school at the University of Notre Dame and developing post-conflict economic markets for farmers in western Kenya. From surfing in Japan and skydiving in North Carolina, to hiking through remote villages off the coast of Thailand. From safari in Africa and Hindu temples in India, to winding drives through the Italian and Swiss countrysides. I have worked, learned, taught, or consulted on four continents – and I’ll make you smile.

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