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Retire in the Caribbean

#183338864 / I sometimes dream of retiring to an island and basking in the romanticism of the Caribbean. I currently live in south Florida, in a location that many of my friends up north think of when they are...


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Using Cell Phones Overseas

Traveling internationally doesn’t mean that you need to be disconnected from your family and friends. When overseas, I’d recommend using Skype or Google Hangouts when you have an internet connection. You can call home for free...

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This is Curaçao – Video

Many years ago, my wife and I had a discussion about Curaçao when she mentioned that one of her high school acquaintances spent the summer there at an uncle’s house. That conversation was probably the first time I thought that I...

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About the Nest Learning Thermostat

Begin Your Smart Home With Nest Your home’s thermostat probably isn’t on your mind throughout the day.  It’s likely something you set months ago and adjust infrequently – maybe only as the seasons change.  If you’re like...

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Smart Homes for Snowbirds

  #165745775 / What is a smart home? A smart home is one that utilizes automation and the latest in technology to provide the home owner with comfort, security, efficiency, and convenience, whether you’re...

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About me

From flying naval aircrew missions in Southeast Asia, to graduate school at the University of Notre Dame and developing post-conflict economic markets for farmers in western Kenya. From surfing in Japan and skydiving in North Carolina, to hiking through remote villages off the coast of Thailand. From safari in Africa and Hindu temples in India, to winding drives through the Italian and Swiss countrysides. I have worked, learned, taught, or consulted on four continents – and I’ll make you smile.

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